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Urumi Movie Review

Thursday, August 25, 2011 | 0 comments

Urumi Movie Review
Urumi Review – Urumi Telugu Movie Review, Rating: Malayalam film Urumi got dubbed in Telugu with the same name. This film stars Genelia, Prithviraj, Prabhu Deva, Tabu, Nithya Menon in the lead roles and is directed by Santosh Shivan. This film got rave reviews from Malayalam critics and has raised curiosity in Telugu audience. What does Urumi offers to Telugu audience? Let’s check the details in this review…


The film starts with a short introduction to the history of Portuguese exploration in the in the Age of Discovery to India, referring the legendary landing of explorer Vasco da Gama on 20 May 1498 in Calicut, the kingdom ruled by Zamorins of Calicut. Da Gama starts criminal deeds for the sake of perfumes in Kerala. He kills a Kotwal (Arya) in this process and his son Kelu (Prithviraj) takes oath to kill Da Gama.

He makes a sword named Urumi with the gold collected from the people who got killed by Da gama. Kelu is taken by Vavvali (Prabu Deva) and he grows up there. Kelu meets Arakkal Princess (Genelia) in the process of bringing Da Gama’s son. He uses him as a trap to catch Da gama but the plan gets haywire. How Kelu finally kills Da Gama is the rest of the story.


Urumi worked in Malayalam because the film is made with the historical facts that happened in Kerala. This film has nothing to offer for Telugu audience. Even the screenplay and narration have the docu feel and the proceedings are pretty slow.

Most of the film looks like it is a historical explanation, which won’t suit the tastes of Telugu audience. The film lacks thrilling narration or nail biting action to keep them glued to the screen. This film is technically brilliant but lacks the arresting narration. The attempt can be lauded but Urumi can’t be a hit at Tollywood box office.


Prithvi Raj’s performance is top notch. Genelia has done one of the memorable characters in her career. She worked hard for this role and it can be seen. Prabhu Deva gave a jovial performance and is a treat to watch. Jagathi is special. Tabu, Arya and Vidya Balan played guest roles.


Story writer Shankar Ramakrishnan did good research and wrote this film with all the historical facts. Art department did a splendid work to recreate the 15th century look. Cinematography by Santosh Shivan is terrific. He has done a great job and deserves many awards for this work. Srikar Prasad’s editing is good. Deepak Dev’s background score played a vital role in keeping the mood of the film alive.

Plus Points:

- Cinematography
- Art work
- Performances

Minus Points:

- Lacks nativity
- Boring screenplay
- Documentary feel

Final Word: Urumi kills the curiosity of audience with a dull screenplay.

Urumi Movie Rating: 2.25/5
Banner: SVR Media Pvt Ltd
Cast: Prabu Deva, Tabu, Nithya Menon, pruthvi Raj, Aarya, Genelia
Music: Deepak Dev
Producer: SVR Media Pvt. Ltd.
Direction: Santosh Sivan
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