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Money Money more Money Movie Review

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Money Money more Money Movie Review
Money Money more Money Review – Money 3 Telugu Movie Review, Rating: JD Chakravarthy, who earlier directed Homam and Siddham has donned director’s cap again for this film. Labeled as the third installment of Money franchise, Money Money more Money generated interest among the viewers as Money is still one of the best comedy films that was ever made in Tollywood. How far did the Money 3 reach in gaining that cult status? Read on…


Chakri (JD), Raghu (Brahmaji), Gogi (Kevin Dev) and Abbas (Mukul Dev) are four unemployed persons that plot a kidnap to earn quick bucks. They kidnap Maggie (Tara Alisha) and put her in Khan Dada (Brahmanandam) house. Khan has lost all the power as he lost all his assets due to recession. As Maggie’s father is not available to settle the ransom, the kidnappers have to wait for sometime. To keep their identities intact they kidnap every person that knocks at Khan Dada’s doors. Do they succeed in making money or not is the remaining story.


Although JD called it as Money 3, it is nowhere connected to first two parts of Money, except for naming two principle characters as Khan Dada and Chakri. This is instead a remake of Hindi film ‘Dharwaja Bandh Rakho’ which was directed by JD. DBR was inspired from a Korean comedy ‘Attack the Gas Station’.

DBR was a flop in Hindi, but JD felt that there is scope to remake it and sell it off as a part of Money franchise. His idea succeeded to some extent as this film has drawn decent opening. However, it is nowhere near to the evergreen comedy hit Money.

Money Money more Money is a badly made film with no proper screenplay and no good comedic scenes. JD simply remade his Darwaja Bandh Rakho film in Telugu despite its failure in Hindi. He didn’t make any changes to make it a hit. It is an insult to Khan Dada’s character as this film made a mockery of that legendary role which played big part in making Brahmi as the king of comedy.


Brahmanandam is wasted in this film. He tried his best to shoulder the film but the cheaply written character didn’t help him at all. JD is usual. Brahmaji is good. Tara Alisha is a pain to watch. She doesn’t know the basics of acting. Gajala looked aged. Venu Madhav is routine. Nagababu, Rajeev Kanakala, Jeeva and others played their parts well.


Marudhuri Raja dialogues are flat. Except a joke here and there nothing clicked. He failed to recreate the magic that was done in Money. Chakri’s music is a big let down. Money 3 is a lackluster film on the technical front too.

JD Chakravarthy is a decent actor and he should stick to what he is good at. He doesn’t have the mettle to prove himself as a successful director. All of his films to date were either remakes or copy stuff. He can’t create a new character on his own. He can’t do justice to the already legendary characters too. It is high time that he stops directing films.

Final Word: Money 3 is an insult to Money franchise

Money 3 Movie Rating: 1.5/5

Banner: Chakravarthy Productions
Cast: Naga Babu, Gajala, Sashank, Venu Madhav, Brahmanandam, JD Chekravarthy, Mayuri (Asha Saini)
Music: Chakri
Producer: K Satyanarayana
Director: JD Chekravarthy
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