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'I'm Ready To Face Bezawada Durgamma Shaapam'

Sunday, August 28, 2011 | 0 comments

Most of us don’t dare to mess with God and especially, when it is Goddess Kanakadurga. But then, here is one man who has decided to face her wrath.
He is none other than Ram Gopal Varma and it appears that he has flouted the oath he took taking the name of Bezawada Kanaka Durgamma.

Apparently, his new production venture ‘Bezawada Rowdylu’ garnered huge controversy due to the title.
Despite several protests, Ramu was firm that he would not change the title.
In this process, he also took an oath and swore on Bezawada Durgamma that the title change will never happen.

However, ‘Bezawada Rowdylu’ has become ‘Bezawada’ now. When asked about it, Ramu is reportedly saying “Due to various reasons which I cannot reveal, the title change has taken place.”
When someone reminded him “You took an oath on Durgamma for not changing the title”, Ramu is replying “I am ready to face Durgamma’s Shaapam”. Let us see what will happen now.
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