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Growing Sympathy For Y S Jagan!!

Monday, August 22, 2011 | 0 comments

With the CBI intensifying their raid, the sympathy for Jagan is increasing statewide.
Already, 27 MLAs and 2 MPs from YSR Congress party have gone ahead and submitted their resignation citing the allegation by government that YSR is a culprit of corruption.
Incidentally, YSR is the man who single handedly brought Congress to power twice in state and once in the centre.

There is also news that few more are in the line to tender their resignation. Coming to the CBI raids, if they are adhering to the Congress High Command, the chances are that Jagan’s accounts would be frozen and his companies would be stopped from functioning. The other side is, if CBI proceeds as per its wishes without congress interference then Jagan will go to jail. But the second version is 99% speculation.

If Jagan goes to jail the sympathy for him among the people of the state will increase many times. Just like Mohan Babu did in ‘Assembly Rowdy’, the chances are that Jagan will turn the wheel if he goes inside.
If Vijayamma goes to the people and gives one statement “Since the death of YS, this is how Congress has been torturing us and sending to jail” then the situation will be such that other parties will lose their deposit. But this also will not happen.

Right now, Jagan is getting strong publicity and following. Thanks to CBI raids, the support for him has increased. If he gets the support of 75 MLAs, then he can play with the state government. He has the chance of shedding crocodile tears and say “The hardwork that my father has put for this state has finally made him an accused in CBI FIR.” We can say that Kiran’s government has fallen into minority.

155 (Congress)- 27 (Jagan) = 128 + 17 (PRP) + 7 (MIM) = 152. If few more come out of this 152 and join Jagan’s party then the chances are strong that government will fall.
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