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Customize windows 7 with latest windows 8 transformation pack

Friday, August 26, 2011 | 2comments

This pack changes / adds lots of things in Windows 7:
  • Windows theme
  • User picture tile
  • Aero auto-colorization
  • Wallpaper
  • Login screen
  • Boot screen
its easy to install and easy to use. don;t worry about pc performance it normally work great with intel pentium 4 processor. read more to get full details and free download links.

NOTE: Remember to create a System Restore point first before installing the skin pack so that you can restore default files and settings in case you face any problem or you don't like the new look.
You can download the windows xp to windows 8 transformer pack from out web site. If you are interested about it and want to read more, click here...

Like more customization? you can add any theme as you like to your firefox browser. you can make your own themes and  use them too. it's free and no softwares needed. read how to customize your firefox browser with custom browser themes.
You can download windows 8 transformer pack for windows 7 using following links.

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  1. the screeshots not at all represt what i have got
    my pc screen looked like a windows97 model

  2. BUT transformation pack is rocking dude...


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